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English Breakfast

We enjoyed a very nice English breakfast in school. The 7th grade students were in their so called Viennaweek and our English teacher thought it would be a nice idea to arrange something only for 8th grade students. 

Our host was Nick, Freyas’ dad, who is from England and knows all the specialties of the British cuisine. Because Freya and her family lived in England for a long time, they still have British elements and culture in their everyday lives. 

Typical for a British Breakfast is a dish that contains bacon, sausages, baked beans and toast. Nick also cooked fried eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes. He also brought special black tea from the UK. We put milk in our cups too and it tasted really good. We all sat in the dining room and only spoke English that day. It felt a little bit like being in England. It all tasted delicious and it was a very interesting experience. 

Thanks again for this lovely morning, Nick!

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