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  • Aline Gorbach

Glacier days in the Kaunertal

Aktualisiert: 23. Nov. 2023

Our class spent two days in Kaunertal in Tyrol (Austria). We went there, because they have glaciers there, and we must learn something from the trip. And glaciers have a lot to do with climate change. We arrived at the hotel and then walked to a man, who played beautiful music. We listened to him. And then we went to an exhibition, where they told us all the interesting facts about Kaunertal and the glaciers. Then at night we could do some activities or relax in our rooms. I enjoyed the night. And the next day we went to the glacier. It was cold and windy, but the view was stunning. Then we went to a café where we ate traditional Tyrolian dishes and after that we made our way back home. I was impressed that the glaciers are melting that fast. I learned that we must help and make a change so that glaciers will last longer.

Aline Gorbach

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